About the Sierra Club Volunteer Connection

The mission of Volunteer Connection is to connect individuals with Sierra Club volunteer positions, and to encourage and support recruitment, growth and sustainability of volunteer leadership in the Sierra Club.

What is the Sierra Club? The Sierra Club was founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892, and is now the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization -- with more than two million members and supporters. For more information about the Sierra Club, click HERE.

Volunteers play an incredibly important role in the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club is essentially a volunteer-run organization and volunteers currently take on many assignments and positions within the organization - all in their spare time.

Volunteer Connection is an effort of the Sierra Club's Leader Recruitment Committee. Since July, 2014, Volunteer Connection has been field-tested by the Angeles and Florida Chapters, during which time the system underwent a number of important upgrades. On December 18, 2014, the Sierra Club Board of Directors approved our request to roll out Volunteer Connection to additional chapters.

Chapters interested in using Volunteer Connection are encouraged to contact David Haake, who currently chairs the Sierra Club Leader Recruitment Committee. In the meantime, please invite leaders in your local chapter to register with Volunteer Connection. This will enable national Sierra Club committees to identify promising candidates with the skills and interests they need to be successful.

Several national Sierra Club committees have successfully used Volunteer Connection to recruit new members. Here are some testimonials:

"Using Volunteer Connection to recruit new volunteer talent has been a great success for the Facilitation Support Team. We are a new national team that provides chapters with a range of facilitation, mediation and conflict resolution services, and we needed team members with both facilitation or mediation skills and Sierra Club organizational experience. We were also hoping for geographic diversity in our members. Our posting on Volunteer Connection has brought us two terrific new members quickly and painlessly. In our experience, volunteer job postings work well when they are not only concise but also frank about what the time commitment will be. Volunteers are understandably wary of accepting open-ended or vague responsibilities. Volunteer Connection is easy to use….and it works!" ~Susan Merrow, Connecticut Chapter

"Volunteer Connections has only been in use by our Chapter for 4 months and we just recruited 11 highly talented individuals using it. It provided an elegant way to reach out to potential volunteers and we ended up recruiting professionals, young people and an array of diversity onto our local Denver Metro Network. Volunteer Connections has some unique tools that go above and beyond a simple survey that potential volunteers fill out, but allowed us to ask for specific talents to help us make a difference in our community and it worked." ~Chris Applegate, Rocky Mountain Chapter

"I used Volunteer Connection to recruit volunteers to make up my Chapter Communications Support Team earlier this year. The platform was easy to use and see the applicants. I sent the volunteer position description link to a few internal lists and updates I'm on, including Gwyn Jones's monthly chapter bulletin. I received five great applications and ended up asking four of them to join my team. Let me know if you have any questions!" ~Dan Byrnes, Communications Support Team

"We have so far a total of 10 committed volunteers that are part of a Nearby Nature outings program I created. It will give them advocacy skills and the outings certification needed to help us out on hikes. They are also young and diverse! Thank you so much for giving me the heads up on the Volunteer Connection. Young people now more than ever are eager to get involve and help." ~Roberto Morales, Community Organizer, San Gabriel Mountains Forever Campaign

Thank you for your interest in recruiting volunteers for your chapter, group or team using the Volunteer Connection!

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