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Recruiters: Your position description will be the tool by which volunteers will learn what skills, abilities, and training are required for your volunteer position. We've created some quick Instructions and more detailed Guidelines to help you craft a great volunteer job description. For step-by-step instructions for posting a position, please view our Volunteer Connection Webinar Slide Show!

Much of the Sierra Club's training and policy resources provided below are located on the Sierra Club Clubhouse website. To login to "clubhouse", you'll need the username and password. The username is the word in quotes in the previous sentence. The one word password is one of the words in the image above and it is not "and", "enjoy", nor "protect". Both username and password should be lower case.

The Sierra Club is committed to volunteer leadership development and fostering a culture of High Performing Teams. The Sierra Club's Leadership Development Toolkit contains a wealth of materials to help your team achieve its goals, including:

Links to Sierra Club training resources:

Volunteers are also encouraged to become familiar with Sierra Club policies through the following materials:

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